Plongée dans la collection Bob Calle

Limited edition

The original edition of Diving in the Bob Calle collection consists of 300 copies, all numbered.

Limited edition made of 120 copies signed and accompanied by 5 original postcards created by:

  • Valerie Mrejen
  • Jean-Michel Alberola
  • Peter Downsbrough
  • Julian Schnabel
  • Axis-gallery, 1977


These are distributed as follows:

  • 40 copies No. I to XL
  • 20 copies of artist marks n° EA I to XX
  • 60 off-trade copies numbered n° HC I to HC LX for collaborators and members of the Bob Calle Artist's Book Association.


On October 25, 1977, I inaugurated at the Axis gallery an exhibition of 10,000 postcards found in the United States.


A friend brings a collector, Bob Calle. Also passionate about postcards, he invites me to discover his collection carefully listed in a dozen binders.


To revive this collection, I asked four of Bob's artist friends to work on a selection of them. Everyone took the images of their choice to create new postcards.




For their help and friendly support to Isabelle Avazeri, Pauline Comet, Bilyana Furnadzhieva, Régine Gourmel and Jean Philippe Bourgeno.


For their English translations to Bénédicte Delay and Gérald Shea.


For their graphic creations to Julie Benameur and Julie Obadia.

Printed in March 2021 on the presses of the Stipa imprint, for Editions 591, 5 rue Palatine, 75006 Paris

© Editions 591, 2021. ISBN 978-2-918074-05-2. Legal deposit 1st quarter 2021.